January 26, 2011

Universal Robina Corp - Undervalued - BUY

As of this writing, URC price plunged to 33.

Southeast Asia's Leading Branded Snacks and Tea Producer succumbed to market sentiments. However, you can never trade away the fundamentals of this undervalued company.

1. They have over $1billion dollars in sales
2. They are spearheading the use of sugar substitute that increases margins of their products
3. The products they carry are leaders in their categories which ranges from Snacks, Candies, Chocolates, Cookies, Pretzels, Canned Beans and Tea

C2 Ice tea, Chippy, Cloud 9, tortillas are just examples of well-known brands they carry.
The current market price is so attractive that the company is even buying back some of their shares.

Analysts estimates that shares should be worth 41+.

Website: www2.urc.com.ph
PSE Stock Info: URC

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