February 4, 2011

End of Week Invesment Report

In Wall Street - Positive Corporate Earnings, Rosy Jobs Market and Increase Costumer Spending seems to temper the crisis in the Middle East. However, oil continues to climb while neighboring Middle East countries try to address growing concerns of their respective citizens.

Australia is also poised for recovery after 2 natural disasters(Floods and Cyclone Yasi) struck them. Availability of Australian coal will depend on how long they can secure those mines.

In the Philippines, I advise you to consider the following stocks:
1. SCC - Semirara Mining Corp. - Prices of Coal orders almost doubled due to Australian issue. Sell this stock when it reach Php270

PSE Stock Info: SCC

2. JFC - Jollibee Foods Corporation - Prices went down because of market fluctuation due to the Middle East problem but it has a great upside potential. Sell this stock when it reach Php85

PSE Stock Info: JFC

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